Purchasing Procedures

Purchases made on behalf of Wittenberg University must be properly initiated by a Purchasing Card or through a Purchase Requisition (PR) prior to placing any order.

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Purchase Requisition

For purchases in excess of limits on credit cards, departments must submit a Purchase Requisition to the Purchasing Office. In addition to evaluating the purchase, the Purchasing Office will review the departmental account to ensure the availability of funds prior to making any commitment on behalf of Wittenberg. The Purchase Requisition must always contain a complete description of the item(s) requested, the price or estimate for each item, the account number to charge, and the appropriate signature. For all requests up to $5,000, the Purchase Requisition must be signed by a Director or Associate Director. Purchase Requisitions over $10,000 must be approved in advance by the Vice President or Executive Staff member from the area making the request. All Purchase Requisitions in excess of $25,000 must also be approved by the Vice President for Business and Administration. All purchases and/or projects in excess of $250,000 must have Board approval.

Personal Reimbursement

Purchasing Cards and Purchase Requisitions are designed to balance the departmental need for flexibility and convenience with the institution's need for accountability and responsible stewardship of resources. With appropriate planning, there should be few (if any) occasions requiring a faculty or staff member to use personal funds to complete a transaction in behalf of the University. Requests for personal reimbursement will be carefully reviewed.

Blanket Purchase Orders

Blanket Purchase Orders will be used by the Purchasing Office for projects or annual services in which there will be recurring and varying purchases from a particular vendor over a period of time. Use of Blanket Purchase Orders allows the estimated expenses to be encumbered immediately and also reduces paperwork. However, Blanket Purchase Orders may not be used when it may be more cost effective to obtain competitive pricing as needs arise.

Shipping Address

The central receiving address for all Wittenberg University deliveries:

Wittenberg University
Department Contact, Department Name
225 N. Fountain Avenue
Springfield, OH 45504

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