Business Services Contact Information

Rob Young
Vice President for Finance & Administration
(937) 327-7009
Recitation Hall 203

Cathy McGorry
Executive Assistant, Finance & Administration
(937) 327-7009
Recitation Hall 203

Noah Lamb
Assistant Vice President for Finance & Administration/Controller
(937) 327-6310
Recitation Hall 304

General Accounting

Kathy Johnson
Manager of Accounting
(937) 327-6386
Recitation Hall 304

  • General accounting operations, banking, internal and external audits, completing annual financial reporting, responsible for accounting areas including accounts payable, cash management, endowment/investment accounting

Kelli Wyer
Financial Coordinator
(937) 327-7025
Recitation Hall 22D

  • Endowment/Investments, treasury management, grant accounting, banking relations, non-student accounts receivables, other accounting matters

Lisa Zimmerman
Accounts Payable Coordinator
(937) 327-7004
Fax: (937) 327-6305
Recitation Hall 308

  • Payment/Invoicing processing for University goods and services, expense reimbursements, 1099 tax form, vendor creation, payment requests, travel expense reimbursements, independent contractor agreements, W9 forms

Office of Student Accounts

Melissa Anderson
Manager of Student Accounts
(937) 327-7003
Fax: (937) 327-7876
Recitation Hall 22A

  • Student Account operations, 1098T processing, system updates for student billing, reporting and self-service functions, business relationships with students, employees and community members

Student Accounts Specialist
(937) 327-7005
Fax: (937) 327-7876
Recitation Hall 22B

  • Student payments, payment plan setup, student and parent inquiries about account balances and payments

Fiscal Services

Karen Lotz
Manager of Fiscal Services
(937) 327-6307
Fax: (937) 327-6305
Recitation Hall 308

  • Office Supplies and Equipment, Furniture, Bid Procedures/Questions, Purchase Orders and Requisitions, Change Orders, Vendor Questions or Disputes, Budget Planning, Material Management

      Mail Services

      Michael Lindeman
      Mailroom Coordinator
      (937) 327-6322
      Recitation Hall Basement

      • Employee mail, student mail, copy center, packages

      Mailroom Assistant
      (937) 327-6322
      Recitation Hall Basement

      Material Management

      Steve Ridenour
      Warehouse Coordinator
      (937) 327-7399
      Fax: (937) 327-6305
      Physical Plant, Warehouse

      • Stationary supplies, warehouse supplies, surplus equipment and furniture, central receiving/shipping

      Tom Larger
      Delivery Driver
      Recitation Hall Basement

      Auxiliary Services

      University Bookstore

      Amy Dalton
      (937) 327-7457
      Student Center

      Dining Services

      Aaron Watson
      General Manager
      (937) 327-6160
      Student Center

      Related Services

      Ron Reynolds
      Maintenance and Grounds Supervisor
      (937) 327-7339
      Physical Plant, Room 110

      Fred Wing
      Facilities Planner, Physical Plant
      (937) 327-7312
      Physical Plant, Room 105


      Tierra Ganger
      Site Manager, Alpha & Omega
      (937) 658-8654

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