Study Abroad Application Process

Study Abroad Requirements

Any full-time Wittenberg student who has completed three semesters of study, maintains a cumulative 2.5 grade point average, and shows evidence of flexibility, maturity, and sensitivity to his or her surroundings is eligible to apply for a study abroad program. Second-semester sophomores are eligible and encouraged to apply for the Witt in Wittenberg and Witt in Costa Rica semester programs. You must also declare a major before you may study abroad.

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Study Abroad Application Process

Once you have decided upon a study abroad program, you will meet with the Director of International Education to receive the application. All students will be required to complete a Wittenberg Permission to Study Abroad form. This is essential for the guarantee of any work done abroad. All forms should be turned into the Office of International Education. Permission forms for Fall and Summer programs are due by April 1st permission forms for Spring programs are due by October 15th. Although many program applications vary, Wittenberg requires a minimum list of items to be completed with the application

  • Application: Applications usually have their own instructions for completion. Follow these instructions and return the completed application to this office. DO NOT send the application directly to the program.
  • Biographical Essay: The topic for your essay should be why you wish to participate and why you have chosen your particular program. We require a minimum of 250 words. Some applications contain their own essays which may be substituted upon approval of the Director.
  • Faculty Recommendations: Wittenberg requires that you obtain a minimum of two recommendations from Wittenberg faculty. If your application does not supply enough forms we will provide the needed number. Ensure that these forms are returned to this office. They are not to be sent separately to the program.
  • Transcript: Go to the Registrar's Office and complete a transcript request form. Indicate that two transcripts should be sent to the Office of International Education.
  • Additional Items - Some applications may require a fee, photos, language evaluations, a portfolio, etc. These items will be described in the program's application. Have these items delivered to the office so that they may be included with your application packet.

After you are accepted, the program will usually notify you directly (using the address you give on your application) about the status of acceptance. When they do, contact the Office of International Education to make an appointment to proceed with the second round of paperwork. The second round forms are required to make your study abroad official. The second round forms include:

  • Credit Advising: with this form you and your advisor work out a schedule that will guarantee proper credit as well as proper application of these credits to your major and/or minor.
  • Leave of Absence: The LOA informs the other campus offices of your status and intent.
  • Registration in Absentia: This form will register you for the term you return to Wittenberg.

We also suggest that you take note of several items you may wish to attend to:

  1. Financial Aid: If you will be receiving any sort of aid, including State or Federal Loans you must make an appointment with the Financial Office to discuss the status of your award package. It is possible for us to provide you with an estimated expense sheet for your program.
  2. Community Service and Math Placement: Before you will be authorized to study abroad, we advise you to complete your Community Service and Math Placement requirements.
  3. Passport: If you do not already have a passport, you should now begin the application process. You will need an application, 2 passport photos, and a certified Birth Certificate. There is a fee for applying.  You may apply at the Main Post Office in town.
  4. Photographs: Programs usually require a small number of passport photos for various reasons. Walgreens, AAA and Walmart are locations in Springfield that offer this Service. AAA is cheaper, especially for members. We suggest 6-10 photos.
  5. Plane Tickets: We do not suggest that you buy tickets until you are accepted. It is in your best interest though to begin comparative shopping for your flight (especially for flights to Japan). Council Travel (CIEE) offers decent charter rates for students. Check out their Web site.
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