Program Costs & Financial Aid

Programs vary in price, and transferral of financial aid also varies from program to program. Here are some of the financial aid guidelines as they pertain to study abroad:

  1. Witt in Wittenberg, Germany & Witt in Costa Rica: In our semester programs, students retain all scholarships and aid. The programs are a full-semester credit, requiring no prior foreign language. Sophomores are encouraged to participate. Students receive 18 Wittenberg credits, are accompanied by a Wittenberg faculty member and the costs for tuition, room and board are the same as campus. The program does require a deposit of $300 plus airfare.

  2. Direct exchanges: All forms of aid, Wittenberg and state and federal are applicable. Direct exchanges are programs where students pay Wittenberg costs and exchange places with a student at a specific foreign university. While direct exchange programs are available in many countries, such programs require a higher level of language competency and independence.

  3. Affiliated and non-Wittenberg Programs: Wittenberg is affiliated with several programs in many different countries. Wittenberg retains academic oversight but fees are determined by the program. Student aid funds from Wittenberg will not be transferred for affiliated and other non-Wittenberg programs. State, federal funds, and outside gift scholarships may be applied if eligibility criteria are met by the student.

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