Statement on the Violence of May 14-15

Publication Date: May 18, 2022

Wittenberg Community,

On May 14th in Buffalo, N.Y., 10 human lives were ended, three others were scarred for life, and families and friends were traumatized by violence and loss. The shooter appears to have acted out of racist hatred and fear. The Buffalo shooting came amid a weekend of gun violence that included shootings at a church in California, an outdoor market in Texas, and a downtown area in Wisconsin.

At this moment, we need to reach out to each other, but particularly to those whose lives are most frequently and most devastatingly impacted by racism and racially motivated violence. To support our community, Associate Dean of Students & Director of the William A. McClain Center for Diversity CJ Carthell has offered to help process our current reality. She encourages members of the community to schedule an appointment with her here. In addition to CJ, other resources are available for students through the Dean of Students Office, Counseling Center, and Pastor’s Office. Additionally, Wittenberg offers support options for faculty and staff through the University's Employee Assistance Plan

We must work together in our collective spaces to seek healing and, for many of us, to seek knowledge about how such hatred and fear continue to impact the lives of our black and brown community members and others from under-represented and marginalized groups.


Michael L. Frandsen, Ph.D.
University President

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