Wittenberg Four-Year Graduation Guarantee Petition Policy and Process


  • Students must declare their major during or prior to the fall semester of their sophomore year and continue in the major, working closely with their academic advisor to ensure that they take all requisite courses.
  • Students must successfully complete a full-time course load (at least 12 credit hours each semester) with grades of C or higher for a total of 130 semester hours over eight consecutive semesters, including all general education and major requirements.

If a student meets these conditions (and the major-specific guidelines provided by each department) and is unable to complete a degree program in eight consecutive semesters, Wittenberg will waive tuition for any subsequent course work necessary for graduation. Note: Guarantee stipulations vary by Academic Department and Program. For specific details about their major, students will consult with their academic advisor.


Students who meet the conditions within the policy stated above may petition to receive a tuition waiver for any final coursework required for degree completion. To exercise the guarantee, the Review Committee must approve students for the guarantee. The Review Committee consists of the Registrar, Director of Financial Aid, Senior Associate Dean of Student Development, and your Faculty Advisor(s).

  • Please file your FAFSA and submit the petition form at least one semester prior to registering for your final coursework.
  • Any portion of tuition not covered by federal or state grant assistance will be waived by Wittenberg.


The Director of Financial Aid will contact the Review Committee to review your petition form, major declaration form, transcript, and consult with your faculty advisor on the final coursework needed to complete your degree. The Review Committee may take up to two weeks to review your information. The Director of Financial Aid will contact you with the outcome of your petition via Wittenberg email.

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