Content and Visual Guidelines

At Wittenberg University, we seek to create a purposeful, fun, and genuine student experience in and outside the classroom, on campus and off. Within our beautiful setting in the heart of the Midwest, outcomes matter, which is why we focus less on lecturing students and more on helping them learn and develop with unmatched personal attention. So begins our story, which the following guidelines and resources help us tell both verbally and visually.

Any digital or print communication utilizing the official University identity marks must receive approval from the Office of University Communications. Please email items for approval to

Branding Guidelines: These are primarily for ensuring consistent design, tone, and feel across campus communications, particularly those aimed at engaging external audiences into our story.

Identity Marks & Logos: The University logo and other identifying marks are to be used consistently and properly. Marks include: the standard gothic Wittenberg logo, the "flying" W logo, the University Seal, and Tiger athletics logos.

Images & Videos: The Office of University Communications maintains an extensive collection of photos and video content for use in marketing and promotional materials. For information on how to access and requirements for use, please email

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