Email Signatures

More than 300 million emails are sent annually around the world, and with each email sent, the opportunity to promote or position an organization or company is made available through the use of an effective email signature.

At Wittenberg University, email signatures have run the gamut of expression, with everything from quotes to cutesy Tigers. While the desire to personalize one’s email is admirable in light of the hours spent at work, the intended recipient’s experience and University’s brand can be severely compromised when email signatures are inconsistent and/or poorly displayed. Having a professional, properly branded email also shows respect to each audience as they know exactly from where the email originates every time.

To assist in ensuring Wittenberg’s brand is clearly articulated in every email, the Office of University Communications advocates using a branded email signature that includes these essential elements:

  • First Name/Last/Name/Pronouns (if preferred)
  • Title
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Springfield, Ohio
  • Relevant social media handles

The Office of University Communications is currently working on updating its standard signature block following the conclusion of the college’s Having Light Campaign. Once completed, a sample will be provided.

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