Helpful Resources: University Communications

Wittenberg's Office of University Communications takes the lead in telling the important stories of this historic community.

Our office works to amplify the Wittenberg story through the voices, visuals, and videos of those closest to the college, and we seek to articulate the University's mission and vision in creative, compelling ways that leverage campus-wide partnerships.

Project Assistance

  • Whether it's a recruitment piece, alumni feature, athletic initiative, academic journal, fundraising initiative, or new program, University Communications helps to bring the effort to life using a creative combination of services and expertise. Learn More

Photo & Video Services

  • They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we fully agree. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, what does that make a video? Valuable, for sure. Wittenberg's brand essence is enhanced and revealed regularly in the compelling visuals, videos, and other digital media produced by the Office of University Communications. Learn More

Email Tips & Formatting

  • Crafting emails that effectively communicate a sender's intent, display correctly on all devices, and are readable and well-received by recipients is essential to informing and guiding the Wittenberg community. Learn More

Email Signatures

  • More than 300 million emails are sent annually around the world, and with each email sent, the opportunity to promote or position an organization or company is made available through the use of an effective email signature. To assist in ensuring Wittenberg’s brand is clearly articulated in every email, the Office of University Communications advocates using a branded email signature  Learn More

Website Feedback & Design Requests

  • Wittenberg University's website is a key communication tool designed to engage, inform, and drive action when needed. Ensuring a cohesive experience is essential for success to ensure site visitors have a positive overall engagement with our brand online. Learn More
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