Email Etiquette

Crafting emails that effectively communicate a sender's intent, display correctly on all devices, and are readable and well-received by recipients is essential to informing and guiding the Wittenberg community.

Toward that end, please consider the following etiquette tips from HubSpot, as well as see a sample of a proper email communication. Email headers that clearly show the sending office or division name may be obtained from University Communications at

Email Etiquette Tips

  • Keep your tone professional.
  • Avoid vague subject lines.
  • Use proper email punctuation.
  • Practice good grammar.
  • Resist emojis in email.
  • Keep subject lines descriptive and short.
  • Choose your email salutation carefully.
  • Leave the right impression with your email sign-off.
  • Triple-check your recipient's name.
  • Use sentence case.
  • Consider your email's tone.
  • Always use standard fonts and formatting.
  • Shorten your URLs.

Email Header Sample Image

Sample Header

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