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FAQ: Test Optional Admission Requirements

What is Test Optional?

Test Optional means that SAT/ACT scores are not required for admission to Wittenberg University or to receive merit-based scholarships.

Why is Wittenberg Test Optional?

Our decision to allow students to decide whether they want to include standardized test scores enables us to evaluate the entire application better. Our Admission and Financial Aid Committee looks for a well-rounded student with a commitment to service, leadership, and academic accomplishment. This decision came after an intensive University study that showed that standardized test scores are not an accurate predictor of academic success for all students.

What if I have already submitted my test scores?

If you do not want to have your test scores considered in your application and you have already submitted them via ACT and/or The College Board, you can withdraw them by completing our Test Scores Withdrawal Form.

Will the Admission Office use the test scores that are reported on my high school transcript?

Yes. We will use the scores reported on your high school transcript as officially submitted scores. If you do not want the scores that appear on your transcript to be considered in the application process, please submit the Test Scores Withdrawal Form.

Can I submit my test scores as part of my application?

Yes. Anyone is welcome to submit their scores. You are encouraged to submit your test scores if you feel they are a strong representation of your academic ability and accomplishment.

How do I contact someone if I have questions?

The Office of Admission can assist you with questions. Please feel free to e-mail admission@wittenberg.edu or call (877) 206-0332.

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