Application Requirements for Home School Students

Wittenberg University welcomes home school student applicants.

The process for admission is very similar to that of traditional high school students, however a a few additional items are required by home school applicants. Please use the following list when submitting your application. If you have any questions please contact us at

Application for admission

  • Home school applicant supplemental form

  • A comprehensive transcript or portfolio that satisfies individual state requirements of the most recent four years of home education. We welcome both pre-packaged and self designed curriculums. While we do not have a required curriculum, a successful applicant will have completed or exceeded the high school equivalency of four years in the humanities, three years natural sciences, social studies and mathematics.

  • In lieu of a comprehensive transcript/portfolio that satisfies individual state requirements, the Office of Admission may request an SAT, ACT, or GED test score.

  • Personal Essay

  • Two letters of recommendation. One may be from a parent if that individual was the primary educator. One must be from a non-relative. We encourage recommendations from community leaders through church, athletics, employers, service and other extracurricular activities you may have been involved with.

  • An interview is required for all home schooled students. An interview allows us to gain insight and perspective into your individual experience in home schooling. It provides you an opportunity to engage one on one with an admissions counselor and also to express how alternative education has prepared you for academic and personal success at Wittenberg University.

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