Welcome to Wittenberg!

As an accepted student to Wittenberg, it's important that you complete the following steps to becoming a student this fall.

1. Make Your Deposit

2. Complete the FAFSA

File the FAFSA once it becomes available. When you complete the FAFSA, include our Federal School Code (003143) so the results will be sent to us.

After reviewing those results, we will determine the amount of grants and scholarships you are eligible to receive. We will send you an aid package that includes those grants and scholarships, plus information on loans, payment plans, and work-study.

3. Complete Your Tiger Checklist

  • Learn everything you need to do to pave your path to Wittenberg. Tiger Checklist.

4. Send Us Your Final Transcript

Have your school counselor mail a copy of your final high school transcript to:

Wittenberg University
Office of Admission
Post Office Box 720
Springfield, OH 45501-9975

5. Log on to the Deposited Student Portal

After you have made your deposit, details will be sent to you on how to access the Deposited Student Portal, where you will find information about housing, registration and placement testing as it becomes available.

6. Join the Conversation

Wittenberg has an extensive presence in various social media networks to keep you fully engaged in the university's compelling story.

7. Check out your New Tiger Headquarters

Explore the New Tiger page, which will serve as your one-stop shop for new student resources and information in the weeks and months leading up to the start of your first semester at Wittenberg University.  

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