Greater Springfield

Yes, we know; College is hard. Between classes, studying for exams, and discovering your passion, there is a lot to manage. However, Tigers enjoy getting out and exploring all Springfield has to offer. We have compiled some local places and activities students stop by, hang out at, and enjoy!

map-marker.png   Bechtle Avenue

Keep track of how many times you hit up this wonderful street. It’s got all the grocery stores (Meijer, Walmart), restaurants (Panera, Chipotle, El Toro, etc.), and other stores (Petco, Best Buy, Goodwill, etc.) that a college student could ask for.

map-marker.png   Founders Pub

Home to a plethora of Wittenberg events, Founder’s is the perfect on-campus spot to hang with friends, get some food, or (legally) grab a drink to end the night!

map-marker.png   Yellow Springs

Not too bad of a drive (around 20 minutes) – and Dave Chappelle actually lives there!! Yellow Springs provides a variety of boutique shops and restaurants for a quick, and great, afternoon getaway.

map-marker.png   Young’s Dairy

Tucked into the heart of the Springs, Young’s is famous for its adorable petting zoo, awesome food, and addicting baked goods. Also, there’s a driving range for you to take out some of that 8:00 a.m. class anger.

map-marker.png   Buck Creek State Park

Good for just about any activity, Buck Creek is a great spot to get away from campus for a little bit – maybe with some friends for fishing, tossing a ball around, or laying down a blanket to relax.

map-marker.png   Schuler's Bakery

Late night study sessions and miserable 8:00 a.m.’s are very familiar with Springfield’s famous bakery. Two locations within a mile of each other? Um, yes, please.

map-marker.png   Springfield Museum of Art

Right next to campus you can venture around the FREE museum of community, student, and ancient artwork. This place is almost always open so it’s not a bad idea to shut the laptop and take a walk over.

map-marker.png   Disc Golf

The 9-hole course that strings through campus is one of our student’s favorite ways to pass the time! The course is home to a lot of lost discs and crazy competition! The course starts from the fountain!

map-marker.png   Winan’s, Un Mundo & Coffee Expressions

Need a coffee fix or great place to study and meet? Support our local, in-walking-distance coffee houses. Get some Winan’s chocolates or an Un Mundo panini to supplement your caffeine jolt.

map-marker.png   Salato Deli & Le Torte Dolci

Owned by the same people, a local Italian Deli that serves a wide array of sandwiches that are served on fresh baked bread, alongside other items like salads and pastas. Next door, a European-style bakery that also serves gelato, is a must-stop place for your sweet tooth! Both places are popular amongst the locals and the students!

map-marker.png   The Greene Shopping Center

A quick 30-minute drive away is a popular outdoor shopping center with numerous restaurants, a movie theater, and shops. The Greene is a great way to spend an evening or afternoon!

map-marker.png   Farmer’s Market

Just a short walk to downtown from campus, the Springfield Farmer’s Market is open every Saturday from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. from May-September. Grab fresh produce, bread, snacks, and other goods while exploring Springfield.

map-marker.png   COhatch The Market

Located in one of America’s largest and oldest public markets, the former Myer’s Market building, COhatch includes a new year-round market that offers locally grown produce, locally sourced meats and poultry, plus the finest baked goods and confections.

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