Wittenberg Campus Traditions

As you probably noticed during your visit to campus, we have a lot of traditions here at Wittenberg.

We are proud of the light that continues to be passed down throughout our long history here in Springfield, Ohio, and we can’t wait for you to come in and create some of your own! Check out some of our favorite traditions.

Myers Sunrise the Morning After Graduation

Every year after graduation the senior class fills up the steps to Myers Hall as they watch the sunrise and reminisce about their four years of #FlyTheW

Stepping on the Seal

Don’t do it. It won’t break your mother’s back, but it could her heart when you step on it. At least until graduation day...that's when one of the best new Wittenberg traditions take place #StompTheSeal

Wally Witt

No one is really sure how he got there or why he’s so famous, but Wally Witt is the man. Give him a wave on your way to the Student Center. #WittFactor

Sledding the Hollow

Yeah, we know you didn’t pack a sled for college – no one ever does. Grab the flattest thing in your room and let’s shred some snow in this Winter. #WittFactor


You’ll see! Don’t miss the bell for a full day of fun, hanging-out, and celebrating our community. #WittFactor


The Springtime is a beautiful feeling on this campus, and it gets even better when you hear of an awesome headliner is making her or his way to campus to perform! WittFest is a free concert for students – a can’t miss. #TigerUp

Code Red Games

It may become challenging to support Wittenberg's intercollegiate athletics teams as you get busier, but Code Red games are a force to be reckoned with. Grab your face paint! #TigerUp

Alumni Way

Stroll down the brick walkway in the heart of campus, right next to the Benham-Pence Student Center. Maybe you’ll see a name or two you recognize as you enjoy the picturesque scenery that lines Alumni Way. #HavingLight

4Paws Puppies

Yes, we love puppies at Wittenberg. Training service dogs through 4Paws for Ability is a great way to get involved in the campus community and learn the value of service. #HavingLight


Just like you never thought to pack a sled, you might not initially think to pack a hammock. But when your campus is a beautifully landscaped park setting with hundreds of trees, there are plenty of places to hang your hammock while you study or relax after a busy day. #WittFactor

Involvement Fair

This celebration on the first Thursday of classes serves as both a welcome back cookout for students, faculty, and staff, as well as an easy way to check out the many ways to get involved. We are certain you will find at least a few ways to get involved at Wittenberg! #WittFactor

Metal Tigers

Hidden around campus are 15 small, metal, tigers, each representing one of Wittenberg’s previous Presidents. To find them, dive into Wittenberg’s history and learn about each President’s impact on the campus. #HavingLight

Commit to Witt

We celebrate community. Commit to Witt is a day every year that alumni, students, and friends show their support for Wittenberg! #Commit2Witt

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