Wally Witt

The famous Wally Witt statue resides on the stone ledge outside the Benham-Pence Student Center.

Arriving on campus in 1991 as gift from The Wittenberg Guild, Wally Witt, sculpted by artist Gary Ross, remains a beloved campus landmark. His welcoming face greets each passer-by on Alumni Way. Students also often "hang out" with Wally, especially when the spring weather arrives. Not designed to resemble any particular past student, though former ATO President Ken Stoll '89 was apparently selected as the model, Wally sits proudly as a representative of generations of Wittenberg students.

A few feet away, inside the lobby of the student center, Wally Witt Jr., also sculpted by Gary Ross and donated by Bruce and Kim McKeand, is on display.

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