Parking Information

All students, faculty and staff are required to register their vehicles on campus. New students need to register their vehicles as soon as the vehicle arrives on campus and returning students need to re-register their vehicles at the beginning of each academic year. Once faculty or staff register, the registration is good until you change vehicles or leave the university. You will need to register your vehicle online.

Registrants will be required to provide their license plate number, a description of their vehicle and credit/debit card for payment. Faculty & staff are exempt from the registration fee. If you have any questions regarding the vehicle registration procedure, please call Wittenberg Police at (937) 327-6231 or email

A Friendly Reminder From The Police Division

To preserve green space and maintain the special sense of community that a walking campus offers, parking is limited. During the past few years, we've increased the number of parking lots and spaces. Still, there simply are not enough spaces for the number of vehicles that come to campus.

The allocation and designation of campus parking has been carefully considered to best meet the diverse needs of the Wittenberg community and its visitors.

  • Thus, all traffic and parking regulations will be aggressively enforced 24 hours a day by our officers.


  • STOP and carefully read the Motor Vehicle Regulations
  • Take note of all traffic control signs, and marked streets or curbs, to avoid having your vehicle ticketed or towed.
  • Thank you for your cooperation.

Visitor Information

Visitor parking is available on city streets and in designated visitor parking spaces located along the street in front of Recitation Hall, in the lot next to the Student Center and in the Krieg Hall lot at the corner of N. Fountain Ave. & W. Ward St. Visitors are expected to obey parking regulations just as are other members of the university community. Wittenberg is a walking campus and visitors can easily walk from one side of campus to the other in 10 minutes.

Parking on campus is monitored by campus police, and although the parking policy is very relaxed during the summer months, the regulations are enforced during the academic year. Visitors are encouraged to drop by Campus Police or the Admission office in Recitation Hall, in order to receive a free "Visitor" parking permit.

Parking & Transportation

Motor Vehicle Regulations

Students are reminded that all motor vehicles must be registered with the University at the beginning of each academic year. Each year it is the operator's responsibility to affix the registered vehicle's validation tag to the rearview mirror in a visible manner. All student vehicle registration hang tags will be sent to their campus mailbox. Please allow 48 hours for registrations to be processed. Faculty and staff may register their vehicles using the link above or by visiting Campus Police. Parking tags for faculty and staff, who register online, will be sent through campus mail to the appropriate department.

All students are expected to familiarize themselves with the University motor vehicle regulations and operate their vehicles with caution and good judgment. Validation tags are valid only for areas designated as student parking. Faculty, staff, and visitor areas are not for student parking. It should be noted that such things as careless operation, driving at an excessive speed, driving while under the influence of alcohol, or driving on any campus grounds other than campus roads are among the more serious abuses of the motor vehicle code and are not tolerated. The maximum speed limit on campus roadways is 15 mph Parking in any university cross-walk is prohibited.

Wittenberg is a pedestrian campus with limited parking space. Therefore, parking on campus is a privilege closely regulated by the university. Traffic and parking violations are cause for university disciplinary action. Regulations are enforced by Wittenberg police officers.

Legal parking areas for students are the New Hall lot, Ferncliff Hall Lot, the lower end of Ward Street, the Student Center lot overnight in designated areas only), the new Krieg lot, and the Tower and Firestine Halls lot. Students may also park in any legal spot on city streets. Students who have paid for access to the reserved lot near Firestine Hall may park there. There are no other legal parking places on campus, either signed or unsigned.

Parking regulations are enforced in the following manner: vehicles parked illegally will receive citations; vehicles receiving more than one citation for the academic year may be towed or booted with an immobilization device. The fee associated with recovering towed vehicles is separate and unrelated to university fees. Fines assessed by the university are charged to the bill of the offender. Extended non-payment or unidentified vehicles are still subject to the total fine when identified. These fines are placed on the student bill and, if not paid, can delay graduation or prevent class registration. It is the responsibility of students who operate and own vehicles to ensure that their vehicles are parked legally on campus. Loaned vehicles are the financial responsibility of the owners and no difference in enforcement will be shown to multiple offenders who claim that their cars were not within their control.

Visitors are required to follow the same regulations as their relatives or sponsors. They are expected to obey parking regulations just as are other members of the university community. Visitors must obtain a visitor's parking pass from the Police Division.

Traffic and parking violations are dealt with in a progressive manner. Sanctions include, but are not limited to, citations, towing, immobilization, and/or loss of parking and operating privileges on campus.

Only citations issued in error, issued to the wrong party, or a verifiable emergency will be considered for review by the Chief of Police. Financial hardship is not a cause for review. This review must occur within five working days of the violation. Citations will NOT be reviewed outside the five-day time frame. Violations not subject to the appeal process include unsafe operation of a motor vehicle, parking in fire lanes and handicap spaces.


Towing/Boot Information

Wittenberg Police Officers may have a vehicle towed or immobilized using a device called a "boot". In most cases, Wittenberg will only do this to vehicles that are in serious violation of the regulations or are repeat offenders. To get the boot released or to find out if your car has been towed, please contact the Police Division at 327-6231.

  • If your vehicle has been booted, officers will release the boot for a $75 fine.
  • If your vehicle has been towed: You will need to contact Maine's Towing & Recovery Service (see information below). The current charge for a tow from Maine's is $150.00 plus any storage fees ($25/day outside and $30/day inside) and a 15% fuel surcharge. In addition, you will be responsible for any fine(s) Wittenberg Police will charge you from the citation for the violation(s) that caused your car to be towed.

(937) 322-4618

Parking Violations & Fines

  • Failure to Register: $175
  • Fire Lane: $100
  • Handicap Area: $100
  • Immobilization Device: $75
  • Unauthorized Area: $50
  • Sidewalk: $50
  • Impeding Traffic: $50
  • Over Time Limit: $25
  • Failure to Display Permit: $25
  • Other: $20

These rates are not meant to be all-inclusive, and are subject to change. If you are checking to see the amount you owe for a parking violation, please contact Student Financial Services for an up-to-date summary of your charges.

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