Personal Safety Tips

A Message from Chief of Police/Director of Security Jim Hutchins:

In the ideal world, campuses across the country would be crime free. Unfortunately, we know that campuses are not immune from everyday occurrences in life. Good policing is only half the equation to reducing criminal activity-the other half rests with the decisions and actions of the student body. What can you do? Avoid situations that could make you vulnerable, follow common safety practices such as locking your doors, not storing valuables in your car, and reporting all unusual, troubling, or threatening events, including serious illness or injury, as soon as possible to the Wittenberg Police Division.

Learn more about what you can do to stay safe:

Bicycle Theft Prevention

Bicycle theft is a common problem on college campuses. Most bicycles that are stolen are either unlocked or secured with poor quality locks. Remember to lock your bike to a bike rack whenever possible! Bikes that are not secured to solid objects are easy targets for thieves. Click here to see more tips on how to keep your bicycle safe. Please register your bike with Wittenberg's Police Division on MyWitt.

Break-ins And Burglary Prevention

Remember that locks are there for a reason and can be your biggest advantage in preventing break-ins to your room or apartment. Lock your doors at all times - even when you are home. This way, you and your property have a better chance of staying safe.

Prevent Unwanted Sex

You always have the right to say NO, and rape is never the victim's fault. You are never obligated to have sex. It does not matter if:

  • You have been making out.
  • You have been drinking.
  • You have had sex before.
  • You said yes and then changed your mind.
  • Your partner says, "You owe me."
  • You're wearing sexy clothing.
  • You think he/she will get mad.

You can still say NO!

General Safety

  • Fire Safety, Residence Hall Safety and Common Street Sense - this link will give you valuable safety tips to use and remember.

Telecommunication Harassment

Anyone can be the victim of harassing, annoying, obscene or threatening behavior. Telecommunication harassment includes many different types of behavior, including late night and hang-up telephone calls, or harassment through random, obscene or threatening emails. Any time you receive phone calls or emails that represent a threat made against you, your roommates, or your property, you should contact Wittenberg Police immediately.

  • Click here for some techniques to try to avoid becoming a victim of telephone harassment.

Vehicle Protection Tips/Parking Information

Do you want to know what you can do to keep your car and stereo from becoming a statistic? Click here for information that can help you prevent car break-ins.

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