Security Cameras

Wittenberg University adopts the following policy for the use of security cameras on campus. These policies and procedures are intended to meet the reasonable expectations of students, faculty, staff and campus visitors concerning their individual privacy while also protecting their physical safety and deterring crimes in the university district.

The principle objectives of the Wittenberg University security camera system include:

  1. Enhancing public safety;
  2. Protecting university assets and student belongings;
  3. Preventing and deterring crime;
  4. Identifying criminal activity;
  5. Identifying suspects;
  6. Gathering evidence;
  7. Improving the allocation and deployment of Wittenberg Police resources.

The university will only use security cameras in public or open places such as streets, sidewalks, parking lots and athletic fields and courts. Cameras may also be installed in residential and academic facilities around entrances, exits, stairwells, lobbies and hallways. Cameras will not be used in private spaces on campus.

Questions and comments about the use of security cameras on campus may be directed to Wittenberg Chief of Police, (937) 327-6231. Please report unauthorized or illegal use of security cameras to Wittenberg Police.

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