Motor Pool

Wittenberg University utilizes best practices to provide safe and reliable transportation to the campus community in order to carry out our educational mission and to support student-focused university business.

The University is committed to serving others with respect and fairness while enforcing official policies outlined on this web page.

  • Motor Pool/Transportation Department
    Recitation Hall Annex
    (937) 327-6231
  • Academic Year Hours
    8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday
  • Summer Hours
    7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday - Friday
  • After-Hours Emergencies:
    Report to the University Switchboard
    (937) 327-6231

Community Service Rides:

The Transportation Department at The Hagen Center can provide Wittenberg University students rides to their CCUE 100 service locations at no cost. Rides are available Monday through Friday 8 p.m. to 5 p.m. To set up a ride, you must visit the Hagen Center office and complete the necessary paperwork. All rides MUST be set up 72 hours in advance.

  • NOTE: Students are responsible for providing their own transportation to off-campus internships.

Medical Transportation Rides:

Students may request transportation to off-campus medical appointments by contacting the motor pool office at 937-327-6231 or A scheduling form must be completed and turned into motor pool at least one business day prior to the scheduled medical appointment. You may obtain the form here, or by stopping by the motor pool office. The destination must be within the Springfield City limits. Rides will be provided by students employed by the motor pool office and will be offered Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. only. Transports to off-campus medical appointments are for scheduled appointments only and will not be utilized for sick or injured students. If you are sick or not feeling well, you can be seen by the staff in the Health & Counseling Center. If you have a medical emergency, you will need to call the campus emergency line at 937-327-6363 or dial 911.

Vehicle Rental:

The Motor Pool/Transportation department has a fleet of vehicles available for use by academic & athletic departments and student organizations. The scheduling forms must be completed and signed by the student organization's adviser. Academic & athletic departments do not need approval when submitting request forms. The forms must also be accompanied by a complete list of passengers and cell phone numbers each of the drivers. Each request must have at least two cell phone numbers in case of an emergency. All approved vehicle requests must be received by the Motor Pool/Transportation office at least 48 hours prior to the intended trip. Weekend and Monday requests must be received by Thursday at noon. Vehicles cannot be requested for any non-student involved professional development programs.

Requests received less than 2 business days in advance may not be able to be granted. If granted, these requests will be assessed a $50 fee.

Vehicle passenger list form

  • Experience Portal
  • By submitting a vehicle request I acknowledge that I have read and understand the rate and fee schedule described below.

In keeping with the university's concern for safety and security, the university reserves the right to grant, deny, or restrict any and all privileges to drive or use university vehicles. The Motor Pool/Transportation Department reports to Wittenberg's Chief of Police and is responsible for making sure that all procedures for the use of university vehicles are followed. Such procedures are designed to support the university's focus on safety and security and also to assure quality service and convenience to all departments and organizations using Transportation Services. It is the expectation that all users of Transportation/Motor Pool services will respect and comply with all procedures.

NOTE: Failure to comply with these procedures and expectations will result in the following penalties assessed to the department or organization:

  • Failure to return a vehicle by the time designated on the request: $50
  • Failure to return a vehicle to the Krieg lot or other location specifically designated on the Vehicle Request Form: $50
  • Failure to return a vehicle with at least 1/2 tank of gas: $50
  • Failure to return a vehicle with a clean interior; all trash and debris removed, all spills or others messes cleaned: $50
  • Failure to cancel a vehicle if not used: $50
  • Cancellation of a vehicle less than 24 hours prior to scheduled use: $30
  • Failure to submit a request at least 2 business days in advance: $50
  • Failure to pick up MP packet(s) for weekend use by 4:30 p.m. on the Friday of the scheduled weekend: $30

Please understand that the motor pool procedures are designed to maximize the safe use of the motor pool fleet and are intended to provide quality and convenient services to all users. The above fees are designed to discourage users from negatively impacting the work and/or travel experience of others. To that end, the above fees will not be waived.

Get Authorized to Drive:

Wittenberg University Faculty, Staff and Students must submit the following forms to become an authorized driver of any Wittenberg vehicles.

NOTE: The Driver Application and Policies and Procedures forms are available at the Motor Pool/Transportation office, or can be accessed from the links below.

  1. Driver Training Lesson Certificate
  2. Driver Application
  3. Signature page from Policies and Procedures
  4. Copy of valid Driver's License

To access the Driver Training Lesson you must:

  • Log into Experience and select the "Training" tab located in the lower center of the page
  • Select "Wittenberg Driver Training" and log into Moodle
  • Follow step by step instructions on the testing page. Once you have sent your results to the Motor Pool/Transportation office, print your certificate and submit with required paperwork to compete the application process.

Once all forms are received, your driver information will be sent to Wittenberg's insurance carrier and a BMV check will be completed on your driving record. Once this has been finalized, the insurance carrier will reply with "Driver Approved" or "Driver Not Approved" and you will be notified by e-mail of the decision. This process can take up to 10 days to complete so please plan ahead. All drivers (Faculty, Staff and Students) must be pre-authorized before driving university vehicles. If you are unsure if you or your intended driver(s) are authorized to drive, or if you have questions about the approval process, please contact the Motor Pool/Transportation office at 937-327-6231.

Note: To be eligible to drive a 12 passenger van, drivers MUST be 20 years or older.

Motor Pool Winter Weather Procedures

Cost of Vehicle Usage:

All departments are assessed a rental fee for the use of a Motor Pool/Transportation vehicle. All student organizations and grant funded departments will also pay a fuel charge based on mileage. The fee schedule is shown below. (University departments do not pay the fuel charge.)

All users are issued a university credit card to purchase fuel during travel. Please remember to record beginning and ending mileage for your trip on the vehicle request form, which is located inside your vehicle packet. In the absence of recorded mileage, a generous calculated mileage will be used to bill for the fuel charge.

Motor Pool vehicle rental fees:

12-Passenger Van
Daily Rental: $75 per day
Fuel Charges For Student and Grant-Funded Organizations: $.35 per mile

Daily Rental: $50 per day
Fuel Charges For Student and Grant-Funded Organizations: $.30 per mile

Daily Rental: $25 per day
Fuel Charges For Student and Grant-Funded Organizations: $.25 per mile

  • Fuel charges will be evaluated and modified bi-annually

Airport Transportation:

Wittenberg has contracted with Willow Wind Transportation Services to provide airport transportation to students during scheduled university break closings. Transportation is offered to the Dayton International and John Glenn Columbus International airports only and at predetermined dates and times. Airport shuttle registration can be set up by students logging into "My Witt" and selecting the "Forms" tab along the top header choices. Once you have clicked on the forms tab navigate to the Transportation Office block on the left side of the page. Within the Transportation Office block you can either request transportation to Dayton International or John Glenn Columbus International airports, or cancel an existing airport transportation request. Cancellations must be completed using the “Cancel existing request” option under the “Start a new shuttle request” option within the Transportation Office choices. Any reservations not cancelled using the “Cancel Existing Request” option will be considered completed and charged to your student account.

Please make sure all fields are completed on the form before submitting. Incomplete requests could result in missed pickups or incorrect charges to your student account. The charge for this service is $25 for transportation to the Dayton International airport and $35 to the John Glenn Columbus International airport. ALL RESERVATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED 48 HOURS PRIOR TO THE REQUESTED SHUTTLE TIME. REQUESTS NOT RECEIVED 48 HOURS PRIOR TO THE REQUESTED SHUTTLE TIME WILL BE SUBJECT TO A $25 LATE FEE OR MAY NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Shuttles will leave campus from the Student Center circle, on the designated dates, at:

  • 10 a.m.
  • 2 p.m.
  • 6 p.m.

Shuttles will leave the airports and return to the Student Center circle, on the designated dates, at:

  • 12 p.m.
  • 4 p.m.
  • 8 p.m.

Any rides outside of these dates and times must be arranged by the student by contacting Willow Wind at (937) 324-2981. These arrangements are strictly between the student and Willow Wind and will be at the student's own expense.

PLEASE NOTE: Submitting an Airport Transportation Request will automatically assign the shuttle fee to the student's university account. Only the student traveler may submit a request authorizing additional charges to his/her account.

Dates for Airport Transportation Services

Local Transportation Services (Not affiliated with Wittenberg University):

Willow Wind Carriage and Limousine Service - With advance notification Willow Wind can be utilized for taxi service needs for the campus community. Contact Mary or Terry Adkins at 937-324-2981 to schedule.

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