Campus Police Division Services

Patrol Services

The Wittenberg University Police Division is housed in the Recitation Hall Annex. It provides security and patrol services to the University District, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. Patrols are continually reviewed and adjusted to meet the changing needs of the university.

Parking Patrol

The Police Division is responsible for enforcing the university's parking regulations. Because Wittenberg is a pedestrian campus with limited parking space, on campus parking is a privilege that is closely regulated. Traffic and parking violations are cause for university disciplinary action. Traffic and parking violations are dealt with in a progressive manner. Sanctions include, but are not limited to, citations, towing, immobilization, and/or loss of parking and operating privileges on campus. View the complete policy

Building Access

The Police Division is responsible for the daily locking and unlocking of the administrative and academic buildings. Most buildings are open to the public during normal business hours during which time there is no controlled access. During the evening hours, individuals must have proper authorization to remain in or enter academic and administrative buildings. An exception to this policy is Hollenbeck Hall. A 24-hour access computer room is available for student use within this building. After 11:30 p.m. access to the remainder of the building is restricted as above. Officers patrol campus buildings throughout the night.

Bicycle Registration

Bicycle theft is a common problem on college campuses. Most bicycles that are stolen are either unlocked or secured with poor quality locks. Remember to lock your bike to a bike rack whenever possible! Bikes that are not secured to solid objects are easy targets for thieves. Wittenberg's Police Division encourages students to register their bikes by stopping in the office and obtaining a registration decal. Doing so increases the chance of finding your bike if it is stolen. Bicycle registration can also be done online through MyWitt.

Vehicle Registration

Students with cars on campus must register their vehicles each school year. Unregistered student vehicles parked on campus will be ticketed and repeat offenders will be booted or towed at the student's expense. All members of the faculty and staff are also required to register their vehicles and display a parking pass. To learn more about how to register vehicles, click here.

Emergency Medical Response

Officers have been trained to provide emergency response and assistance in the event a member of the campus community suffers illness or injury. Officers will respond upon notification and render assistance. The Springfield Fire Division provides emergency medical transport when the need requires. The Springfield Regional Medical Center is the nearest hospital and is located on the southwest border of campus.

Vehicle Assists

Wittenberg Police Officers may be able to assist you if you have locked your keys in your vehicle or need a battery jump-start. If you are in need of these services, please contact the Wittenberg Police Division at (937) 327-6231.

Transport Service

WPD provides a transport service for students which enhances their safety when walking after dark. Students can call (937) 327-6231 and ask the dispatcher for a transport to academic and administrative buildings, residence halls, campus houses, parked cars, and many other destinations within the University District. The dispatcher will need to know the student's name, phone number, current location and the location where the student is going. If the officer is busy at that moment, the student may have to wait for a few minutes. If this is the case, the dispatcher will advise the caller. If the student has to wait, they need to stay inside the building, but be looking for the officer’s cruiser. When the officer arrives, the student can get in the back seat, and tell the officer where they are going. The officer will then take the student to the destination.

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