Police Advisory Committee

Statement of Purpose

The Police Advisory Committee works together to resolve security and safety issues, concerns, and policy changes. The statement of purpose is to be carried out in cooperation with the Wittenberg Police Division.


This committee's responsibilities include building a safe community for the University's staff and students, identifying security issues on campus, and serving as a sounding board for the implementation of policy changes.

Committee members are asked to serve as liaisons with their constituencies to promote communication on issues considered by the Police Advisory Committee as issues of concern to the constituents. Committee members should be familiar with the Student Handbook, legal issues, and have a good understanding of University policies. All committee members are asked to honor the issue of confidentiality.


This committee is made up of various student leaders and selected administrators and staff members. If a student would like to join this committee due to a specific interest in campus security, he or she may contact the Chief of Police for more information.

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