Devin Pieples Senior Art Thesis 2021

Devin Pieples
Archival inkjet prints

“Recovering is not linear” has my mantra for years. Recovery from mental illness is not an easy path and many struggle for their entire lives. For my thesis, I wanted to explore the ups and downs of recovery that those around me and myself have experienced. This series explores the vices used, breakdowns, hopelessness, and general impact of someone recovering from a sexual assault. I have explored different forms of portraiture to try to capture the isolation that comes from dealing with depression and sexual trauma. This series is very personal, and I am inviting the viewer into a very intimate side of me to be able to relate to things in their life. By making myself vulnerable, I hope to inspire others to get the help they need or to encourage those struggling to keep going. For anyone struggling with their own trauma, I hope this work makes you feel less alone.

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