Art Therapy

Students considering a career in art therapy are encouraged to complete a Studio Art major and supplement those classes with additional elective courses within the Department of Psychology. In taking the recommended courses, students will be well prepared for graduate school training in art therapy.

Recommended Psychology Courses:

  • Psych 130: Developmental Proseminar
  • Psych 140: Differential Proseminar
  • Psych 150: Abnormal Proseminar
  • Psych 231: Child Development
  • Psych 232: Psychology of Adolescence
  • Psych 241: Psychology of Personality
  • Psych 251: Abnormal Psychology
  • Psych 253: Introduction to Counseling Psychology
  • Psych 280: Child Abnormal Psychology

To further the knowledge and experience of each student, the psychology department offers internships where students have the opportunity to work with local art therapists.

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