The psychology program provides close mentoring and an engaging psychology curriculum to support students’ discovery and pursuit of their callings.

The Department of Psychology emphasizes the values of integrity, diversity, creativity, and collaboration as students participate in 1) the scientific inquiry that serves as the basis for advancing psychological knowledge and 2) the compassionate application of that knowledge to promote personal and communal well-being.

Our students are prepared for a wide variety of careers, including ones in psychology, counseling, medicine, social work, law and business.

Our curriculum provides a solid foundation in both animal and human behavior, including all the major sub-disciplines of psychological science. Courses encourage you to think critically, design and carry out your own research projects, and develop the writing and presentation skills to communicate your findings to a variety of audiences. We also provide opportunities to apply your knowledge and skills in applied settings and gain practical experience in relevant work settings.

Our curriculum focuses on three learning outcomes and two program goals.

Learning Outcomes

Psychology majors will demonstrate:

  1. A Knowledge Base in Psychology
  2. Scientific Inquiry Skills
  3. Effective Communication Skills (Written and Oral)

Program Goals

The Psychology program will provide:

  1. Knowledge of Ethical Responsibilities and Diversity
  2. Opportunities to Develop Life Skills and Engage in Professional Development

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