Katlyn Roberts

Senior Art Thesis

Katlyn Roberts ArtworkMy work in clay focuses on surface texture and design, while also being utilitarian for daily life. I use sharp carving designs to create texture on my pieces, which complement the glazes. I use underglaze transfer paper to create the floral designs. This process requires me to cut each individual design and place it on the piece in order to transfer the design onto the form. Gold Lustre and Mother of Pearl are special overlays that require a third firing in the kiln. This can enhance the form and attract the eye due to its metallic qualities. I use watercolor underglaze to paint inside the floral pattern to give it a loose pastel color. I focus on forms that are utilitarian because I believe there is a special interaction between the user and the piece of art. My thesis includes jars, platters, bowls, mugs, and pour over coffee filters, all intended to be utilitarian objects that add aesthetic value to daily rituals.

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