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Transfer Information

Wittenberg welcomes adult learners who bring credits from previous study. In fact, the majority of our adult students are transfers.

If considering transferring to Wittenberg, please review the following guidelines:

  • A grade of C or higher is required for a course to transfer.
  • There is generally no time limit on acceptability of credits.
  • In order to transfer credits, the previous college or university must have accreditation from a collegiate association recognized by Wittenberg.
  • The minimum GPA requirement for transfer admission is 2.0.

Ohio Transfer Module + Associate Degree

Students who have completed the Ohio Transfer Module and an Associate degree will have met the requirements of the General Education program at Wittenberg (see below). The entire 60 semester hours or the quarter hour equivalent of the A.A. or A.S. degree will count toward Wittenberg's graduation requirements. Up to a total of 94 semester hours can be transferred.

  • You may need to take the Wittenberg Math Placement exam to meet some course prerequisites.
  • Courses with a grade of C- or below will not be transferred.
  • Students who have completed less than the equivalent of one year of foreign language at their home institution will be required to complete the Wittenberg General Education Language requirement.
  • Students will be required to complete the Community Service requirement.
  • Four writing-intensive courses (two in the major) at Wittenberg are also required to fulfill graduation requirements.

Students not completing the Ohio Transfer Module and an Associate degree may need to complete additional courses to fulfill the Wittenberg General Education requirements.

Once a student has been accepted to Wittenberg, GPS staff will work with the Registrar’s Office to complete a preliminary transcript evaluation to determine how your credits transfer.

  • Courses with a grade of C- or below will not be transferred.
  • Transfer credits are not calculated in the Wittenberg GPA.
  • All individual course credits will be converted to the Wittenberg semester-hour credit system.
  • If there is not a direct course equivalency to a course offered at Wittenberg, the entry will show "DEPT-XXX". This indicates that the credit will be accepted as elective credit, but you will need to supply additional course information to apply these courses to a specific requirement area, either General Education or for a major program.
  • At least 50 percent of the semester hour credits for course work in the major are to be completed at Wittenberg.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If all of your credits are not listed, our office has not received your final transcript. You will need to request the final transcript be sent to our office.

For detailed information regarding transfer equivalencies from local colleges and universities, please refer to our Transfer Guide.

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