Information Systems 4-Year Plan

Four-Year Course Plans

  • Click here to download a sample course plan to earn your B.A. in Information Systems degree in four years from Wittenberg.

In an attempt to aid all our students in planning their schedules, we are including a tentative schedule of our program's course offerings several years into the future. Please understand that this is subject to change, but we hope this will help as you plan your coursework.

To see the course descriptions, please go to the course catalog.  To skip directly to the course descriptions of the different departments who offer courses in the Information Systems major, you can click on the following links, specifically:

CourseFA 21SP 22FA 22SP 23FA 23SP 24FA 24SP 25FA 25SP 26
Intro Statxxxxxxxxxx
ACCT 225xxxxxxxxxx
ACCT 226xxxxxxxxxx
BUSN 211xxxxxxxxxx
BUSN 321x x x x x 
BUSN 365xxxxxxxxxx
COMP 150xxxxxxxxxx
COMP 250 x x x x x
COMP 295x x x x x 
COMP 353x x x x x 



ACCT 240x x x x x 
BUSN 315x x x x x 

BUSN 390

Lean Six Sigma


BUSN 390

Project Management

COMP 255x  xx x x 
COMP 275  x  x  x 
COMP 290x  x   x  
COMP 351          
DATA 229x x  x  x 
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