The mathematics program challenges students to obtain sophisticated theoretical knowledge and problem-solving skills that resolve real-world issues.

At Wittenberg, the study of mathematics will train your mind in critical and logical thinking, challenge your intuition and stretch your imagination.

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The mastery of mathematics is central to the sciences, both natural and social, and provides excellent preparation for any career field, technical or non-technical.

Mathematics is:

  • the study of posing and solving problems, some of which may have an obvious connection with the world of numbers, while others seem to have little to do with numbers;
  • determining what's relevant and how to use this information logically and analytically;
  • finding tools to tackle significant and interesting problems;
  • the challenge of discovery.

The formal methods used in mathematics today were first introduced by the ancient Greeks over 2,000 years ago, and so in one sense, mathematics is the oldest of the liberal arts and sciences. Even then, people realized the centrality of mathematics to liberal education. The phrase "Let no one ignorant of mathematics enter here" is said to have graced the doorway of Plato's Academy in ancient Athens.

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