Philosophy Student Opportunities

Honors & Awards

With the department's approval of an honors thesis proposal submitted at the end of the junior year, a philosophy major who has completed at least half the major requirements and who has a GPA of at least 3.5 may enroll in PHIL 499 during the fall semester of the senior year. One member of the department will serve as thesis advisor. Upon completion of the thesis, a three-person panel of the department's choosing will evaluate the thesis and conduct an oral examination during the spring semester. Upon the recommendation of the panel, the student is awarded departmental honors in philosophy at graduation.

Past Philosophy Colloquia

  • "Lead, Love and Serve: The Conscious Effort Toward Justice in America," presented by Dr. Cornel West, Princeton University
  • "Reading the Death of Socrates," presented by Dr. Christopher Long '91, Pennsylvania State University
  • "On the Ethics of Insurrection," presented by Dr. Leonard Harris, Purdue University
  • "Should Undocumented Migrants Be Illegal?," presented by Dr. Ernesto Velasquez, University of Dayton
  • "The Politics of Making Sense," presented by Dr. Gaile Pohlhaus, Miami University
  • "Violence and the Ethical Event," presented by R. Clifton Spargo, Dixon Professor of Creative Writing, Wittenberg University
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