Public Health Student Opportunities

Wittenberg University students have numerous opportunities to participate in numerous extracurricular activities, they have access to a variety of academic resources, and there are many additional ways to supplement the academic curriculum.

Honors Program

Wittenberg University's Honors Program was created in 1978 to enhance and support the development of a select group of academically outstanding students within the Wittenberg community. The Honors Program provides an academic and social climate in which students of high academic potential can find a community of classmates with similar scholarly goals and professors to support and encourage them in pursuit of those goals. The students are brought together in special, limited enrollment seminars which provide a supportive environment for, often interdisciplinary, intellectual inquiry. The Program culminates in independent scholarly research which produces a senior thesis project within the student's major area of study.

Study Abroad

The Office of International Education makes study abroad opportunities affordable and accessible for every Wittenberg University student while also providing resources and assistance to international students on our campus. Wittenberg students annually travel the world, and we welcome students from across the globe to experience a first-rate liberal arts education on our vibrant and beautiful campus in Springfield. The Office of International Education facilitates both incoming and outgoing students, with the goal of enhancing the educational experience for all.

Academic Resources and Opportunities

A Wittenberg education consists of three parts: a broad base in the liberal arts, an intensive course of study in a major, and an enhanced course of study that makes up a minor of electives. Recognizing that student interests are unique and varied, Wittenberg also offers several options that allow students to tailor their Wittenberg paths even more.

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