Lutheran Scholarship Opportunities

Lutheran Scholarship Partner Program 

Congregational scholarships may be for any amount. Wittenberg will match up to $500 of a congregation's scholarship for each student per academic year. 

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Lutheran Pastor / Church Worker - Parent Grant

$21,000 - This scholarship is available to dependent children of full-time rostered leaders serving a recognized call or of full-time lay church workers in recognized Lutheran ministries.

Please note that the Lutheran Pastor / Church Worker - Parent Grant is considered a Wittenberg scholarship. Students can only receive one Wittenberg scholarship. If eligible for more than one, the Wittenberg scholarship of the higher dollar value will be awarded.

Lutheran Referral

$1,000 per year - All Lutheran church employees have the opportunity to refer students to receive a Wittenberg Referral Award. Referrals must be submitted before the student applies to Wittenberg. The award is renewable each year for four years.

Refer A Student

Deadline to refer is January 1 of the student's senior year.

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