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Lutheran Scholarship Opportunities

Martin Luther Scholar Award 

Congregations can nominate deserving students for a $80,000 ($20,000 per year) scholarship to Wittenberg, one of the finest liberal arts universities in America. 

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Lutheran Scholarship Partner Program 

Congregational scholarships may be for any amount. Wittenberg will match up to $500 of a congregation's scholarship for each student per academic year. 

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Lutheran Pastor / Church Worker - Parent Grant

A Half-tuition scholarship is available to dependent children of full-time rostered leaders serving a recognized call or of full-time lay church workers in recognized Lutheran ministries.

Please note that the Martin Luther Scholar Award and the Lutheran Pastor / Church Worker - Parent Grant are both considered Wittenberg scholarships. Students can only receive one Wittenberg scholarship. If eligible for more than one, the Wittenberg scholarship of the higher dollar value will be awarded.



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