Study Rooms

Submitted by kirwin on Thu, 08/03/2017 - 18:06

The Thomas Library provides quiet areas for study.  The library has 9 rooms designated as Study Rooms.

Study Room Policies

  • Reservations are required for use of the study rooms. Reservations may be made online:
  • Study rooms may be reserved up to 3 hours per day.
  • Markers and erasers for use on the white boards may be checked out at the Circulation Desk.
  • Rooms 324 and 310 are equipped with Collaboration Station equipment -- a large monitor that you may connect to your laptop. An HDMI cable is available in each room and adaptors are available for checkout at the Circulation Desk. You can also use the attached computer by checking out a keyboard and mouse from the Circulation Desk.
  • Study rooms are not soundproof.  Please be aware of your volume level and surroundings.
  • The library will not be responsible for the loss of any personal property left unattended in a study room.
  • Special permission may be granted by the library director for use of the study rooms by community patrons. 

Revised: December 2021

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