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Multi- and inter-disciplinary in its approach, the African and Diaspora Studies program offers a wide range of courses relevant to an increasingly diverse world.

African and Diaspora Studies is the study, research, interpretation and dissemination of knowledge concerning African-American, African and Caribbean affairs and culture.

Why offer African and Diaspora Studies?

African and Diaspora Studies occupies a central role in understanding modern American life. It acknowledges that people of African descent have contributed significantly to the making of the United States and have played a vital role in world history and culture.

African and Diaspora Studies directly engages the issues of race and difference, pulling together courses that are relevant to an increasingly diverse world, a world within which our students need to know how to function.

Because African and Diaspora Studies embraces a wide spectrum of experiences and issues, the program is multi- and interdisciplinary in its approach. Students may choose courses among many disciplines, including English, history, sociology, music, religion, philosophy, political science, Spanish, and theatre and dance.

As a program which embodies the liberal arts mission, the primary objectives of the African and Diaspora Studies minor are to:

  • Foster interdisciplinary study in the humanities, arts and social sciences.
  • Stimulate students within a learning environment that encourages appreciation of the history and culture of African peoples.
  • Explore the diversity and range of thought in the African Diaspora.
  • Teach the economic, psychological and social situation of blacks past and present.
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