General Lab Rules

  1. Wear appropriate eye protection at all times.
  2. Do not work alone while doing laboratory work that may be hazardous.
  3. Do not smoke in laboratories.
  4. Do not eat or drink in the laboratory. Never store food in a chemical refrigerator or chemicals in a food refrigerator.
  5. Do not use mouth suction for pipetting or for starting a siphon.
  6. Perform all experiments that involve toxic, volatile, or malodorous materials in the hood or in an enclosed container such as a vacuum system of glove box.
  7. Be familiar with the hazardous properties of the chemicals you will use. Read the SDSs for the reagents you will be using.
  8. Wear protective clothing and gloves that are not permeable to the chemicals being used. Confine long hair.
  9. Do not operate equipment unless you have been instructed in its proper use.
  10. Keep the laboratory free of clutter. Never store chemicals on the floor. Leave bookbags and coats in the hallway.
  11. Dispose of chemical waste properly, no matter how small the quantity.
  12. Make sure that you know the location of all safety equipment before beginning laboratory work.
  13. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after working with hazardous materials.
  14. Protect your laboratory and laboratories and offices on floors below from floods. Never plug a sink and leave water running unattended.
  15. Secure all compressed gas cylinders to walls or benches.
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