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Program Ratings

Wittenberg University's Education Department regards educational accountability as a central element of public trust. For this reason, we report to the community numerous candidate performance data. Specifically, we want our constituents to know at what rates our teacher candidates' pass licensure tests, have impacted K-12 student learning though Ohio's Value-Added Growth Measure, and perhaps most importantly, their perception of their preparation for teaching in our nation's schools. To most effectively report this information, we have linked Wittenberg's Education Preparation Performance, as produced by the Ohio Department of Higher Education (formerly the Ohio Board of Regents):

As more information is released as part of Ohio's Metrics for Teacher Preparation Quality, information on Wittenberg's program will be posted on this page. You may also examine the Ohio Dept. of High Education (ODHE) web site for which Wittenberg will be updated periodically.

To provide further context to these data, it is important to understand how Wittenberg's teacher preparation program is organized as compared to other programs in the state. Faced with declining scores or low pass rates, many institutions have started to require that their students pass one or all of the elements of the teacher licensure tests prior to completing student teaching. This requirement allows them to report 100% passage rates for program completers. In effect, where Wittenberg is reporting how well all of its students are doing on the tests, some institutions are reporting only information about the selected population that has taken the tests, passed, and has then been allowed to complete their program.

Student teaching is the culminating experience in all of the department’s licensure programs. As part of this experience, candidates have been required to complete the teaching performance assessment known as the edTPA, whose primary purpose is to provide a valid and reliable assessment that can measure the performance of future teachers and lead to improvement of the programs that prepare them. Since officially instituting this instrument in 2013, the report found at the following link displays how our students have scored by the content areas in which we license:

Determining students’ whereabouts after graduation can be a challenge to many institutions, but Wittenberg reaches out in an attempt to follow our graduates’ careers beyond their time here, and with varying degrees of success. Our known teacher candidate employment in recent years can be found at this link:

In addition to our Preparation Performance Report, links to the US Department of Education's Title II reports are listed below. Ohio's state and Wittenberg's institutional reports can be found through these links.

We are proud of our program and our students. We are committed to gathering information about our program and the performance of our teacher candidates so that we can continue to improve. We want our teacher candidates to make a difference in the lives of children and students, because this fits our mission of producing educational leaders working toward constructive social change. Please contact us if you wish more information about the success of Wittenberg-prepared teachers.

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For more information about the quality of teacher preparation programs on a state-by-state basis, click on the link below:

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