Educational Studies allows students to investigate the historical, social, political and economic contexts of educational institutions, policy, teaching, and learning.

One of the newest majors and minors at Wittenberg is Educational Studies. Completion of this academic program will give students the knowledge base and skills for work in different (particularly non-certified public and private) educational settings (businesses, non-profit, policy, etc.), the Peace Corps, graduate school (including graduate level teacher licensure programs), and alternative teacher credentialing programs (Teach for America, AmeriCorps, urban residency programs, etc.).

Many of Wittenberg’s core values and mission are central to Educational Studies. These programs look to create intellectual inquiry, creativity, calling, and service — particularly through understanding social justice implications to the access of schooling and education. Moreover, these programs pair well and complement other majors and minors, and serve those interested in teaching and learning in different contexts and settings, but not interested in going through a full credentialing program in order to teach in public schools.

Program advising sheets for each of these opportunities are linked below:

  • Educational Studies MAJOR
  • Educational Studies MINOR

Educational Studies in the News:

  • New Majors and Minors Added: Justice, Law, Public Policy and Educational Studies Round Out New Major and Minor Offerings at Wittenberg University (published February 18, 2018)

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