The education program aims to foster the capacities of character, competence and community required to be an effective professional in today's classroom.

At Wittenberg, we believe that becoming a teacher involves more than developing a narrowly defined set of skills. Wittenberg-educated teachers benefit from the breadth and depth of our liberal arts preparation.

As a student in Wittenberg's education program, you will become comfortable solving problems and making decisions. You will become a role model and a leader for positive social change. You also will:

  • become a part of a long-standing tradition of excellence in education;
  • gain an understanding of curriculum and how to teach for constructive social change;
  • examine how students learn and how to engage students; and
  • build collaborative relationships with faculty, who will help you make the most of your abilities.

Beginning with your first education class, you participate in clinical and field experiences that provide gradually increasing responsibilities in a variety of settings. Most education courses involve significant teaching experience in the local schools, allowing you to discover if the education profession is the right career path. When you begin your student teaching experience during your senior year, you will enter the classroom with confidence in your preparation.


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