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Job Search Assistance


Career Services provides assistance to candidates to help them prepare effective resumes and cover letters. Sample resumes and cover letters are made available for candidates' use in the Career Services office.

Listing of Vacancies

As part of its service, the Education Department makes available correspondence received from school districts indicating vacancies. Job postings are distributed by way of E-mail. 

The Career Services Office offers access to a job posting board and other job search resources.  Their offices are located in Room 210 Shouvlin Center. 


The Director of Licensure in collaboration with the Wittenberg University Career Services Office makes arrangements for school systems to visit Wittenberg to interview teacher candidates. Appointments with visiting school representatives are made through the Education Department.

Credential File Access

Following graduation, college credentials for Wittenberg program completers can be accessed by e-mailing: TeacherPlacement@wittenberg.edu

Other Job Search Options and Information

Postings for Ohio:

Departments of Education Across the U.S.:

Job Search Advice & Loan Cancellation info. from the United States Dept. of Education:

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