Education Faculty & Staff

Contact Information:

Blair Hall 119
(937) 327-6417

Department Chair

Amy McGuffey

Amy McGuffey, Ph.D.
Chair of the Department
Associate Professor of Education

Early, Elementary & Social Studies Education
Blair Hall 216
(937) 327-7877

Department Assistant

Sarah Kuss Shivler

Sarah Kuss Shivler
Coordinator of Teacher Candidate Support
Blair Hall 119
(937) 327-6417

Faculty & Staff

Peggy Ault

Peggy Ault, M.Ed.
Director of Field Placement & Outreach
Blair Hall 218
(937) 327-6176

Layla Besson

Layla Besson, Ph.D.
Professor of Practice
Blair Hall 204
(937) 327-6413

Sally Brannan

Sally Brannan, Ed.D.
Professor of Education
Coordinator of Academic Support

Special Education
Blair Hall 202
(937) 327-6334

Mike Daiga

Michael Daiga, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Education
Mathematics Education
Blair Hall 217
(937) 327-6404

Kristin Farley

Kristin Farley, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Education
Director of Graduate Studies

Early Childhood Education
Blair Hall 219
(937) 327-6424

Erin Hill

Erin Hill, M.A.
Senior Professor of Practice
Secondary and English Education
Blair Hall 203
(937) 327-6420

Hillary Libnoch

Hillary Libnoch, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Education
Literacy and Elementary Education
Blair Hall 211
(937) 327-6419

Caryl Martin

Caryl Martin, Ph.D.
Director of Assessment & Licensure
Blair Hall 224
(937) 327-6318

Becky Workman

Becky Workman, Ph.D.
Part-Time Faculty in Education
Blair Hall 216

Brian Yontz, Ph.D.
Professor of Education

Foundations & Policy
Blair Hall 210
(937) 327-6403

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