The world doesn't need coaches who fill the seat; it needs coaches who fulfill the mission of coaching - to mentor, educate, inspire and guide, which is exactly what Wittenberg's program does.

Wittenberg's Master of Arts in Athletic Coaching program is designed to provide students with crucial skills and insightful knowledge to become strong leaders in the coaching profession.

By providing consistent encouragement, the program pushes students to go beyond the X's and O's and to understand the full range of skills needed to be a successful coach at any level. Read More

The Wittenberg Advantage

With its holistic, hands-on learning approach, Wittenberg's program provides students with a high-quality, experiential learning environment and constant opportunities to engage instructors and mentors with significant experience in the coaching and administration world of youth, high school, and intercollegiate athletics. Students will gain skills and expertise in coaching and research contemporary approaches to teaching and training in their sport of choice.

Other key components of the program include:

  • Full-time or part-time enrollment options;
  • Opportunity to gain firsthand exposure to athletic teams or athletic departments operations;
  • Networking opportunities reaching well outside the classroom experience;
  • The chance to build skills beyond the basic understanding of sport;
  • The opportunity to interact with mentors who will assist you in sustaining a lasting coaching career.

Why is Now the Time?

Youth sports is a $7 billion-dollar industry, which leads to more than half a million college athletes each year across NCAA Division I, II, III, NAIA and junior colleges. This continual growth in athletic pursuit by participants has led to the emergence of new sport programs at every level. This expansion of participants and teams has also led to a demand for more coaches, especially those who can see the big picture and design meaningful paths for every athlete's success.

This is our program. Give yourself a competitive edge and invest in your professional growth.

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