The international studies program helps students to understand today's world, its politics, its economy and its many cultures.

The international studies program (INTL) at Wittenberg embodies the liberal arts in a fundamental way, with its emphasis on the interdisciplinary study of international and global affairs through the examination of cultural, political, social and economic affairs in the international arena.

The INTL program focuses on issues that transcend particular cultures and regions of the world, matters that are global or potentially global in their impacts, such as religious movements, global human migration, terrorism, climate change, sustainable development, public health, foreign policies and international financial flows. Courses from a variety of departments are offered, including languages, political science, philosophy, religion, sociology, history, business and economics, music, and theatre.

Unlike international studies programs at many other selective liberal arts colleges, Wittenberg's program requires all students to take four courses we believe are basic to an understanding of international studies - international relations, modern world history, economics or international business, and cultural anthropology.

Also, all majors and minors are required to achieve effective communication skills in a second language and to apply that language to coursework. Students are encouraged to complete a significant study abroad or international experience to help them become more aware and knowledgeable of the international and global environments, as well as to understand how culture affects national and global issues.

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