On Friday, April 5, 2019, the Wittenberg community will come together for its annual Celebration of Learning, which includes panel discussions, paper presentations, poster sessions and artistic performances by individual students or groups. The celebration culminates with the annual Honors Convocation at 4:15 p.m.

Panel Presentations

Panel presentations serve as venues for scholars to present abstracted (i.e., short) versions of their projects to public audiences. You will be placed in a panel with two to three other students presenters and a chair (faculty/staff) to introduce the panelists, monitor the time, and lead the discussion following the three presentations. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your panel, and plan to stay for your entire panel.

In your 10-12 minute presentation, you should present orally key elements of your project. What you choose to present depends upon the type of project you have prepared. If you are presenting a research project, you may want to state your hypothesis or research question, describe your method, present your findings, and explain your conclusions. Keep in mind that your audience may not be from your discipline; thus, your presentation should make sense to them, even if they do not understand the specific details of your project.

Practice delivering your presentation aloud (to yourself or others) so that you/others will hear how your language sounds. If you plan on reading your paper verbatim, keep in mind that it typically takes a person two minutes to read one 8 ½ x 11 page of double-spaced 10-12 size font. Thus, you need to limit your pages to about 5 pages. Please practice to stay within the time limits. The chair will allow you to go to 12 minutes, but then will stop you firmly but politely with a “time’s up; stop.”

If you wish to use visual aids (e.g., PowerPoint slides), please email your PowerPoint presentation to the chair of your panel, who will then load it onto his/her H-drive for easy downloading on the day of the conference.

If you have questions, please check first with your faculty advisor. You may also contact 2019 chairs Professor of History Molly Wood ( or Professor of Nursing Cherie Rebar (

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