Featured Research Project: Investigating Antibacterial Agents

Student-faculty research opportunities abound throughout each school year and beyond. Two students, Paige Rudolf '25 and Andy Dozal '26 studied under the direction of Daniel Marous, associate professor of chemistry. Both are chemistry majors and worked on investigating antibacterial agents.

Rudolf investigated the antibacterial strength of combining essential oils and during that process, she learned that she’s smarter, more determined, and more passionate than she thought she was.

In the Student’s Own Words:

“I think I want to go to grad school after I graduate; I've also developed an interest in writing,” Rudolf said. "I chose to do research for a couple of reasons. I wanted to see what research was about and if I enjoyed it, and the topic of this research involved something I have been interested in for a while, which is pharmacology. Everyone says that the pizza lunches or trips to Young's is the best part of summer research, and while I agree that those were fun, I also liked being able to learn more about a specific area of science as well as learn a few lab techniques that probably wouldn't have been covered in my classes."

Paige Rudolf, class of 2025, from Saint Paris, Ohio
Biochemistry/Molecular Biology major; Studio Art minor

“The best part about summer research were the people I was surrounded with every day,” said Dozal, who researched antibacterial agents in soil. “What I learned about myself in doing research was that I am able to learn apically and have the confidence to perform a proper experiment under the unconditionally supportive supervision of Dr. Marous. I did summer research so I could begin writing my senior honors thesis early. Most of all, however, the research in question was particularly interesting to me.”

Andy Dozal, class of 2026, from West Carrollton, Ohio
Biochemistry/Molecular Biology and Spanish double major

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