Featured Research Project: Biblical Literature

Student-faculty research opportunities abound each summer and throughout the year. McKenna Boling '24 recently studied with Travis Proctor, assistant professor of religion, on a joint publication.

“McKenna wrote a short research essay on the 'Watchers,' a group of fallen angels featured as part of ancient Jewish and Christian mythologies that, pending peer review, will be published on Bible Odyssey (https://bibleodyssey.org/), a public-facing collection of scholarly essays on the Bible run by the Society of Biblical Literature, the leading professional organization for scholarship on the Bible," Proctor said.

In the Student’s Own Words:

“The best part about doing this research in the summer was that I was able to strictly focus on the research without having to worry about my classes,” Boling said. “I believe that this allowed me to do my best work on this project and really focus on the task at hand. During this process, I learned that I am capable of anything. When Dr. Proctor first introduced this idea to me, I admit that I was a little apprehensive. I did not think that I had what it took to write something that was going to be published for all to see. However, with dedication, hard work, and the guidance of Dr. Proctor, I was able to create something that I was very proud of.

“I chose to do research on this topic because the 'Watchers' is something that I have been interested in since taking Dr. Proctor's Demons, Angels, and Ghosts class my freshman year,” she added. “Since then, the story has stuck with me. I knew that the 'Watchers' was not as well-known compared to other biblical stories, and I believe this is what intrigued me the most.”

McKenna Boling, class of 2024, from Port Clinton, Ohio
Psychology major and Religion minor

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