The Chinese minor is designed to give students a solid foundation in the Chinese language and the skills to thrive in a Chinese language environment.

Degrees Offered:

  • Minor: Chinese
  • Students may also self-design an interdisciplinary major in Chinese. If interested, please contact Dr. Shelley Chan ( for more information.

Course Listings

  • Click here to read complete descriptions of the Chinese courses offered at Wittenberg.

Degree Requirements:

Minor in Chinese

The minor in Chinese is for students who want to attain a solid foundation in the Chinese language and culture and to be able to thrive in a Chinese language environment. This goal is achieved through study at Wittenberg supported when possible by study abroad in China.

Requirements for Chinese Minor – 20 credits

Completion of CHIN 112 (Elementary Chinese II), or placement, is a prerequisite for entering the minor. A total of at least 20 additional credits is required for completion of the minor, 16 of them from Chinese language study and 4 of them from other areas of Chinese studies. Two full years of Chinese language study are required beyond CHIN 112 (Elementary Chinese II). Students are encouraged to study abroad in China, and up to two language classes taken in China may be accepted for the minor.

Language Study (16 credits):

  • CHIN 211 Intermediate Chinese I – 4 credits
  • CHIN 212 Intermediate Chinese II – 4 credits
  • CHIN 311 Directed Readings: Newspapers – 4 credits
  • CHIN 312 Directed Readings: Literature – 4 credits

Chinese Area Studies (4 credits):

In addition to language study, students are required to take one 4 credit course from the disciplinary areas of Literature, Theatre and Dance, History, Political Science, Religion or Sociology that is solely focused on the study of China. East Asian Studies courses in another discipline may be substituted upon consultation with the Chinese minor faculty.

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