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Language study at Wittenberg is distinguished by its interdisciplinary approach, its focus on cultural studies, and its contributions to other programs across campus. Students studying Chinese may also major or minor in East Asian Studies. Those pursuing Chinese, German or Spanish can also major or minor in International Studies. Teaching licensure is available for both Spanish and German. Students seeking to gain a competitive edge may add a language major or minor to their other field of study, such as business, health sciences, political science, or another area.

Study abroad can be a transformative and unforgettable learning experience which also greatly enhances language fluency. All students are encouraged to study abroad during their time at Wittenberg. Programs are available for a summer, a semester or longer. With opportunities such as Wittenberg in Wittenberg, Wittenberg in Costa Rica, or through the Consortium of International Exchange (CIEE), the Institute for the International Education of Studies (IES Abroad) and the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), Wittenberg can help find just the right program for you!

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