Justice, Law & Public Policy Learning Outcomes

Students with a minor in Justice, Law and Public Policy should be able to:

  1. Use evidence and data to develop arguments related to pertinent legal, policy and social justice issues.  Successfully complete the reasoning and formal or informal logic coursework, and provide evidence through coursework that students can successfully apply those skills.
  2. Understand the role of law and policy in private and public life.
  3. Recognize and implement the connections between theory and practice.
  4. Be able to find, interpret, integrate, synthesize and apply information effectively from multiple sources to legal, justice and policy issues.
  5. Understand ways in which privilege and marginality shape lives, opportunities and communities, and understand how to effectively respond to these through community action, the law or policy.
  6. Understand how to work cooperatively with communities and other constituencies, not over top of communities.
  7. Coherently and compellingly communicate – in both verbal and written form – arguments, policies and actions pertinent to social justice, policy and the law.
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