Featured Research Project: Studying Positrons

Student-faculty research opportunities abound throughout each school year and beyond. Leonardo Juarez ’26 worked with Professors of Physics Paul Voytas and Elizabeth George to study antimatter particles called positrons, which are best known for being used in medical PET scans.

“The goal of our experiment was to get a better understanding of the differences between matter and antimatter, hoping to help solve the mystery of why antimatter is so rare in the universe,” George explained.

In the Student’s Own Words:

“The best part of doing research is being part of the team and working together to answer a question,” Juarez said. “It was great learning about the answer we're trying to answer. It was also great doing work and seeing how it will contribute to the main research question.

“I learned that I like doing research and that I like applying what I learned in class to the questions and problems in my research,” he added. “I chose this research because I wanted experience in research. I wanted to see if research were something I would want to do as a career.”

Leonardo Juarez, class of 2026 from Springfield, Ohio
Physics Major

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