Advising Forms

We have tried to collect all the forms and documents (and links) that can help you help your students chart the way through their education at Wittenberg. If you have other materials that you would like stored here, please email

Advisor-Advisee Responsibilities

  • What are the responsibilities for the student and the faculty member in an advising relationship? Here is a sheet that articulates the expectations for both.

Four-Year Plan

  • This document can help students plan out their courses over eight semesters, and chart their progress. It can also be helpful to compare this document with the Four-Year plans from various disciplines (see the link on the right-hand side of the page).

Career Readiness Checklist

  • Here's a collection of valuable traits for future employers--use this sheet to align your Wittenberg experiences with the traits and prepare yourself to discuss them with others.

Advising Checklist

  • A quick run through of some of the most important items to verify with a student's progress.

General Education Requirements

  • Looking for a quick overview of the Gen Ed requirements? Here it is.

Advising Worksheet for First-Year Students

  • A helpful overview of the requirements that also allows students to plug in possible courses and better understand how their schedule helps them satisfy the Gen Ed requirements while also making progress towards a major/minor interest.

First Meeting Worksheet

  • A series of questions for first-year students that can help structure an early-semester conversation.

Personal Assessment Form

  • Can be a tool to use, especially with first-year students, to help them gauge how their semester is going. Ideally they can fill this out before meeting to register for classes in the first semester.

Second Meeting Worksheet

  • A series of questions for first-year students that can help structure the conversation during formal advising for registration (and these questions build from the Personal Assessment Form).

Community Service FAQ

  • When students have questions about Community Service, here are the answers.

Substitution Form

  • If a student needs to substitute a course for one in a major or minor, here's the form.

Registrar Forms

  • Here is a link to the collection of forms from the Office of the Registrar, from Declaration of Major/Minor to Grade Change to Petition to Overload.
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